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With the world economy in crisis, oil prices have sunk to fresh 17-year lows this morning.

Markets are tangibly more pessimistic about the outlook for the global economy. Last week’s positivity around the US fiscal stimulus package has waned, giving way to level of risk aversion.

Risks to the financial system are lower thanks to last week’s extraordinary interventions from the US Federal Reserve…..And oil prices have hit 17-year lows, as weaker demand conditions continues compound crude’s building global oversupply.

Even though we have seen huge intervention from central banks and governments recently, the oil market pushed lower as dealers are afraid that demand will severely drop off on account of the pandemic.

To make matters worse, the Saudi Arabia-Russia price war is hurting the oil market too as the Saudis are keen to push the price lower to get back at Moscow. The slump in oil is hitting the shale industry too, which is concerning the US government.

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The ASX has finished up 7%, its best day on record.

After a long time suggesting they couldn’t do it, the government has announced a wage subsidy package.

Lots of red tape but in short A$1500 a fortnight per worker. pic.twitter.com/UvA5OxfXUb

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