Is the COVID-19 pandemic over or not?

Reps. Greg Murphy and Bryan Steil react to President Biden’s comments about the pandemic during a ’60 Minutes’ interview on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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12 thoughts on “Is the COVID-19 pandemic over or not?

  1. As for college, make all colleges and universities accept credit hours from other colleges and universities. I have enough credits for a bachelors but after getting my associate, no other college would accept my degree or my credit hours. Either they are state accredited or they aren’t. It’s a game for their milk money. Not fair.

  2. So far, hearings are useless. This entity running our country is destroying us while the rest of government hold “hearings” and “accountability “ Do something meaningful for once before they do!

  3. WE ARE ACCUSTOMED to the new game by the " Fake Administration." WE KNOW HOW TO READ in between the LINES now.
    "The Pandemic is over, but Covid is still a problem; such as NANCY who says
    "Our Borders are Safe, but we still have a few immigration problems."


  4. WH & Fauci got USA on high alert over a yr. The latest COVID-19 mutation is around, many people cough, runny nose, fatigue; whether with 3-4 shots. Masks should be worn by those who are weak with immunity, or recently got discharged from hospital. We're survivors of Covid, but the BIG pharmas didn't even do any trials on the latest booster already LURED citizens to receive it.

  5. Nope, I just got it again as did a bunch at work. Completely different set of rules now though for the same virus. Joe even stopped funding home test.

  6. I've come to help saying the government.
    When Brandon said pandemic is over I grabbed a mask.
    I haven't wore a mask this year

  7. Enjoying Democrats Slavery taxation with no representation or accountability we no longer Fight For Freedom and Justice we fighting for Slavery and injustice the most TREASONOUS PRESIDENT Administration ever!!!

  8. There never was one. Foolish sheep will begin dropping like flies from the jabbaroos. The G. Re set is going to take over the world sadly. The v i r us will be blamed instead of the jabbaroos.

  9. Congress, do your job remove Biden from office.
    Joe Biden has been compromised by China, Russia, and Ukraine. 150
    Suspicious transactions from foreign countries and the Biden family, that the banks flagged? The big guy gets 10 write Hunter, his laptop.

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