Is the Coronavirus pandemic over?

Dr. Anthony Fauci says he’s not ready to declare the COVID-19 pandemic over, however, President Joe Biden recently told “60 Minutes” that he considers the pandemic a thing of the past. Dr. Amesh Adalja with John Hopkins University Center for Health Security explains why access to vaccines, boosters, home testing kits and many more tools to combat the disease is why he agrees with the president.


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17 thoughts on “Is the Coronavirus pandemic over?

  1. Funny how now that we TREAT covid, the pandemic is over.
    Treatments were used successfully for a year and a half across the world, but we refused to use them and kept pushing a failed vaccine and just let people die. THAT IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE DIED OF COVID IN THE U.S., not Trump, he pushed for treatments

  2. only if the media decides it is apparently. nobody cares about covid and this news station is clearly out of relevant stories if theyre trying to bring that up.

  3. Put it this way..for over a year in Arizona now if you mention mask you get spit in your face or smacked in the mouth…we forgot about COVID long ago.

  4. It is what it is now. Never had to get that out of control. But a brain dead idiot was in charge then. Too bad he could not have taken the place of those who did not make it thru.

  5. Did we have a pandemic? All I saw was a lot of fear mongering, manipulation, and hype. Plandemic is waning though…

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