How the West should respond to China's handling of COVID-19 as UK deaths reach 10k – Hot Take

Hong Kong lawyer and pro-Democracy campaigner Wilson Leung gives his on why the , including the USA and UK, must stand up to China after the coronavirus pandemic. For The Sun’s ‘Hot Takes’ series, Leung outlines why he believes the COVID-19 epidemic can be blamed in many ways on China who mishandled the virus from the beginning by silencing dissenters doctors and withholding key information to international partners.

The Hong Kong lawyer also talks about the World Health Organisation, who he claims failed to handle the virus competently and backed China throughout the pandemic. The WHO, Leung says, will leave Western leaders asking why they spend so much on the health body’s budget.

Leung explains why he thinks other events involving China such as the Hong Kong protests and the South China Sea militarisation means it is time for Western leaders, such as Donald Trump to a more hardline on China.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed over 100,000 people worldwide and with cases over 1 million.

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