Coronavirus US live: Trump extends distancing guidelines and attacks media at briefing

12.27am BST

Trump concludes the daily briefing by saying “the enemy is death” and “it’s very unpleasant”, but “the level of competence, the level of caring, the level of love … is brilliant”.

12.23am BST

Vice-president Mike Pence finally takes the dais and says every American should have a “grateful heart” for all of the front-line healthcare workers. He says he understands the extension of the guidelines to 15 April may be received with disappointment, but there is hope on the horizon./

“What the president laid out today, while I’m sure for many Americans that were hoping we would be with this sooner, there may be a modest sense of frustration and disappointment,” Pence says. “But what I hear speaking to these healthcare experts is that there is light at the end of the tunnel as the American people continue to put into practice the president’s coronavirus guidelines for Americans.”

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