Coronavirus outbreak: New York governor Andrew Cuomo says COVID-19 curve "continuing to flatten"

New Gov. provided an update on the COVID-19 pandemic on Saturday morning as the state continues to see more cases reported.

said that the in the state is “continuing to flatten” according to the latest infection rate data, and that it appears to have begun to “plateau”. He stated that hospitalization numbers are down despite the still-high number of infections.

also discussed when businesses should reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic on Saturday, saying that it was both a “public health question and an economic question,” and that people cannot be asked to choose between “lives lost and dollars gained.” He said that he wants to ensure the decision is based on research, including researching the possibility of a second wave of the .

He added that the death toll caused by the COVID-19 pandemic shows “incredible numbers depicting incredible loss and pain,” saying that 783 lives were lost on Saturday alone, bringing the total to 8,500.

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