Coronavirus: No time for complacency, says NHS England πŸ”΄ @BBC News – BBC

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“Now is not the to be complacent,” NHS medical director Stephen Powis has warned at the government’s latest press conference.

Prof Powis said that “every one of us has a part to play.”

Business Secretary Alok Sharma also announced changes to insolvency rules and the NHS supply chain.

Mr Sharma said insolvency rules would be changed to allow firms greater flexibility as they faced the current crisis.

He added that a range of measures to boost the supply of personal protective equipment, such as face masks, to protect frontline NHS staff are also being introduced.

“Red tape” will be reduced to allow new producers of hand sanitiser to bring products to market “in a matter of days”, he said.

He replied: “Clearly there has been a big increase in deaths today.

He added: “It is early at the moment and the scientists who are working with the government to model what we can expect are of course adjusting their predictions now as we start to see the actuality of the epidemic in the UK, rather than what we believed might have happened a few weeks ago.”

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