Coronavirus live news: global cases pass 1.8m as Italy and New York death tolls slow

All but 10 of China’s 108 new infections are imported: WHO official warns Covid-19 will ‘stalk’ human race; global cases pass 1.8m. Follow the latest updates

6.51am BST

As the pandemic gathers speed, major players are looking to use soft power and aid to fulfil their foreign policy goals. For the EU, it’s trying to prove that talk of European values and solidarity is not just empty words. For China, it’s changing the narrative to present the country as the solution to coronavirus, not its cause.

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6.45am BST

Iran’s president has been accused of leaving the country exposed to a second coronavirus outbreak after he relaxed social distancing rules in the face of concerns that as many as 7 million Iranians had been left jobless or suffering wage cuts because of the restrictions imposed by the government over the last month.

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