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📕 COVID-19:

Los sublinajes emergentes de SARS-CoV-2 Omicron albergan mutaciones en los genes que codifican varios residuos de proteínas de punta , lo que resulta en una mayor evasión inmune. Omicron BA.4.6 es actualmente un linaje generalizado y porta mutaciones R346T y N658S, mientras que el sublinaje emergente BA.2.10.4 alberga mutaciones en la posición 486.

Varios estudios recientes han demostrado una mayor evasión de la neutralización mediada por anticuerpos por parte de varias variantes de Omicron, incluidos los linajes BA.5 y BA.1. Específicamente, las mutaciones en el residuo de pico 346 se han relacionado con una evasión inmune mejorada.

Dadas las variantes que emergen rápidamente y que portan mutaciones que ayudan a que los anticuerpos escapen, es importante probar constantemente la eficacia de los anticuerpos monoclonales que se usan actualmente contra estas variantes para prevenir la recurrencia de los síntomas graves de la enfermedad por coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

Los resultados indican que los sublinajes BA.4.6 y BA.2.75.2 eludieron completamente la neutralización por cilgavimab y la vacuna Evusheld, una combinación de los dos anticuerpos monoclonales cilgavimab y tixagevimab. El sublinaje BA.2.10.4 mostró una sensibilidad reducida frente a cilgavimab. Sin embargo, bebtelovimab pudo neutralizar todos los sublinajes. Sotrovimab mostró una eficacia de neutralización baja contra los tres sublinajes probados en el estudio, así como el sublinaje BA.5.

Cuando se probó con suero sanguíneo donado recientemente, BA.2.10.4 y BA.4.6 (311 y 356 GMT, respectivamente) mostraron una mayor resistencia a la neutralización en comparación con el sublinaje BA.5 globalmente dominante (GMT de 453). El sublinaje BA.2.75.2 mostró un valor de GMT cinco veces menor que el sublinaje BA.5, lo que indica una alta resistencia a la neutralización.

En este video analizaremos sobre esta publicación y daremos algunas recomendaciones a tomar en cuenta. EL OBJETIVO DE ESTE VIDEO ES INFORMATIVO. Si usted requiere una consulta, evaluación de un caso clínico, interpretación de algunos resultados de pruebas médicas, puede comunicarse con nosotros al +51996831867 para agendar una videoconsulta y evaluar su caso.

Dr. Luis Antonio Pacora Camargo
Médico especialista en cirugía oncológica y salud pública


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How children experienced school closures in the pandemic | COVID-19 Special

How children experienced school closures in the pandemic | COVID-19 Special

After widespread school closures, students around the world are going back to the classroom. Many young people around the world found their schools closed during the pandemic. But now, almost everywhere, there are face-to-face classes again. In this program we report from Germany, Colombia, Nigeria and Uganda.


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Coronavirus LIVE Count [LIVE] Coronavirus Pandemic: Real Time Counter, World Map, News

Coronavirus LIVE Count [LIVE] Coronavirus Pandemic: Real Time Counter, World Map, News

Novel coronavirus Live Streaming: Breaking news, world Map and live counter on confirmed cases, recovered cases(COVID-19).

I started this live stream on Jan 26th, and since Jan 30th I have been streaming this without stopping. Many people are worried about the coronavirus spreading. For anyone

that wants to know the numbers and progression of the worldwide spread of this virus, I offer this live stream. The purpose is not to instill fear or panic, nor is it to necessarily

comfort; I just want to present the data to help inform the public of the current situation.

At first, I tried to show only official data from governments without any manipulation. But many people wanted to apply an up-to-date format of data to stream. I added a

procedure to manually manipulate data with my computer. After seeing the inflicted countries numbers had sharply increased, I realized that I could no longer keep up with

new information from 100 countries. So I made another procedure which enables moderators to manipulate the numbers on screen from romote. Not only the moderators

who willingly accepted the hard work, but also everyone that gave us reliable information were able to add streaming data.

The role of this streaming is to show basic information to undertand situation easily. For detail information, please visit our reference sites.
2. BNO News:
4. 1point3acres (for USA/CAN):
5. RiskLayer (DEU):
6. MorgenPost (DEU):
7. DXY (CHN):
8. J.A.G Japan (JPN):
9. VG (NOR):
10. Amtliches Dashboard COVID19 (AUT):
12. Helsingin Sanomat (FIN):
13. Situación de COVID-19 en España (ESP) :

I majored in life science and joined bioinformatics laboratory for master degree. At that time I used python. Since I decided to change my career as dentist, I have been

stopped programming for 15 years. Now, I start to learn more about python with googling.
Because my job doesn’t allow mistakes, I won’t try something new works. Still I am wondering how can i start this live streaming. Sometimes python program doesn’t work

as i intended.

If I can devote all my free time to this live stream, I would give more accurate and faster information. But please understand that I can’t manipulate data all day. While I am

working and sleeping, data gathering is done automatically.

I live in South Korea. At the beginning of streaming, the number of confirmed cases were not so high in South Korea. After sudden appearing local transmission that can’t be

trackable, the number has been dramatically increased. Please be warned that COVID-19 is highly contagious disease.

Although the stream started off crude and basic, many people have supported me in improving and maintaining this. It is because of your support that I am encouraged to

keep streaming. I especially appreciate all moderators for willingly accepting the role. They have given their precious time to making this live stream better – Max Mustermann,

Stephanie Hughes, Random, Entrenched Trader, Droid Knight, Craft Fan, Fries, jlpowell73, The NCV, Josh Leathers,The Eldritch God, srpk khin, Hitz1001, Red Chiref,

GildArt by Gilda, emmamec, lambi, AmberLeanne, DukeHeart, Green Rock Films, Charlie, amithist57 and Billy C.

I hope this live stream can be a useful source of information for you.
Please keep track of the numbers that impact you and let them inform the decisions you make when you have to make them.

Please take care. Keeping good immunity is very important!!!
Please sleep, eat and rest fully for resilience.
Keep those affected by this unfortunate outbreak in your thoughts.

Data1 – screen numbers…

Data2 – Daily numbers…

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Kenya's real estate sector bounces back after a difficult Covid-19 pandemic

Kenya's real estate sector bounces back after a difficult Covid-19 pandemic

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Documentary: The Covid Yuva of India

Documentary: The Covid Yuva of India

Six young volunteers speak about their work during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic which wreaked havoc across India last year. Going on just four hours of sleep a day, these young men and women helped arrange hospital beds, ambulances and oxygen cylinders to those in need. Their determined, relentless work helped save many lives.

They are the Covid Yuva. This is their story.


Director: Chaitra Yadavar

Cinematographer: Vaibhav Sorte

Additional Camera: Siddhesh Giri

Editor: Vaibhav Sorte

Graphics: Thandav Kailash

Subtitles: Mary Valentina Topno


Anjali Mishra

Aniket Rao

Jatin Lalit Singh

Shreya Sharma

Raaj Baruah

Faiyaz Shaikh

The film is produced by the Thakur Foundation.

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Coronavirus: bollettino del 24 settembre 2022

Coronavirus: bollettino del 24 settembre 2022

Coronavirus, ecco i dati di oggi 24 settembre dell’andamento del contagio in Italia. I dati della Protezione civile, rielaborati da Lab 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore, danno il quadro aggiornato dei nuovi casi di contagi da Covid-19, i morti, gli attualmente positivi ricoverati in terapia intensiva, in un reparto ospedaliero o in isolamento domiciliare. Inoltre i dati sui tamponi eseguiti giorno per giorno. I dati sono consultabili da inizio pandemia e analizzabili in assoluto e in rapporto alla popolazione delle diverse regioni italiane
Per approfondire
Lab24, la pagina con i dati Coronavirus

Latest CoronaVirus Outbreak Situation In Many Places, In China

Latest CoronaVirus Outbreak Situation In Many Places, In China

Latest CoronaVirus Outbreak Situation In Many Places, In China

News : Latest Information – From 0 o’clock to 24:00 o’clock on September 22, 2022, there were no new local cases of new coronary pneumonia confirmed in Suzhou, and no new local asymptomatic infections. According to the report by the Provincial Health and Health Commission on September 23.

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I was tryna social distance way before Coronavirus 😷💯🔥

I was tryna social distance way before Coronavirus 😷💯🔥

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